Waze - a completely new way to experience driving

by Nico Einsidler on July 14, 2012

A few weeks ago I discovered a great new concept for navigational software. It's called waze and it's awesome! Waze is kinda the Facebook under the navigation software. Social driving - sounds weird, but it's an innovative headway for our technology loving society. Like Steve would have called it 'the next big thing' (maybe).

Waze is a free social traffic and navigation app that uses real-time road reports from drivers nearby to improve your daily commute. -- short bio from twitter @waze

Its big advantage: you can add accidents, traffic jam or the police trying to catch you (if you are speeding ;) ). Furthermore it knows you daily routes and learns from the past journeys.

Here you can see it in action: 20120714-181003.jpg

In comparison to Google's Google Navigation it's more reliable, because of its real time updates and its experience. What's a little bit disappointing, is its design. All buttons are well placed, but the visual elements are ugly. This is the only big disadvantage I could experience.